Yanni Hufnagel’s Track Record Of College Basketball Coaching Success

Yanni Hufnagel’s meteoric rise through the college basketball coaching ranks is rather impressive. Yanni grew up in a Jewish neighborhood in New York where he would fall in love with basketball. He decided to pursue his basketball dreams despite not being able to play the game at a very high level. He also fought against a lot of pressure for him to pursue an academically-based path.


He would graduate from an Ivy League school with a bachelor of science. After graduating Cornell in 2006, he headed on down to the University of Oklahoma where he served as a student assistant to the basketball team. He helped the team put together a player recruitment database while he earned a Masters of Education. And he did all this while befriending Blake Griffin who would later become the first overall NBA draft pick in 2009 by the Los Angeles Clippers.


It’s no wonder that Blake Griffin would go on to achieve NBA Rookie of the Year. Griffin is a perennial All-Star and his skills were sharpened with the help of Yanni Hufnagel at the University of Oklahoma. Yanni would often stay late to rebound for Griffin while he practiced his jump shot.


The coaches at the University of Oklahoma were so impressed with Yanni’s work ethic that they recommended him to Harvard. He would move to Cambridge-Massachusetts-and become a recruiter for the Crimson. He did not have a lot of resources to work with as the Ivy League school focused the majority of its money on academics rather than athletics. But he was able to put together a team that achieved four 20-win seasons, an Ivy League championship and two NCAA tournament berths.


He has now taken his skills to Vanderbilt. He arrived in 2014 and immediately helped the Commodores achieve a top-30 recruiting class. He recruits players for the Commodores and also serves as a coach for the team’s perimeter players. He was recently recognized by Nike as being an elite-level assistant coach.




Freedom Checks And Investment Choices

There have been many discussions about “freedom checks” as of late. The subject may seem rather mysterious to many people in the United States. These checks, in short, are vital payments of cash. They’re set aside for individuals who are classified as being publicly traded collaboration shareholders. Matt Badiali is a writer and geologist who knows a lot about freedom checks and how they function. He’s well-versed in investment proficiency that can benefit people who are enthusiastic about natural resources. Since he’s a busy geologist, he’s walked in many different parts of the planet. Badiali has traveled to Papua New Guinea, Haiti, Switzerland and even Hong Kong. Badiali believes that freedom checks have a lot in common with dividend ones.

Getting freedom checks doesn’t have to be a hassle for anyone. Individuals can get them by registering through Internet trading networks. They can do so by registering with professional brokers as well. These checks are in many situations sent straight to brokerage or Internet accounts. It isn’t even unheard of for individuals to get physical checks inside of their mailboxes at home, either. They’re reminiscent of standard dividends.

Freedom checks aren’t at all like patriot checks. People shouldn’t ever mix these two things up. Patriot checks have gotten significant media exposure lately. People who watch a lot of television most likely know about them and all that they can do. Freedom checks aren’t at all like patriot choices in that they’re bona fide investments that go toward genuine businesses.

These checks tie in heavily with MLPs. MLP is an abbreviation for the name “Master Limited Partnership.” Badiali calls freedom checks by that specific name. These checks, however, are grounded in authentic investing techniques. Freedom checks are in no way a program that’s headed by the government in the United States. They’re investment chances that don’t involve taxes at all. People who want additional details and suggestions that involve freedom checks and their ins and outs can always turn to Badiali and his boundless savvy. Badiali has been doing his homework regarding freedom checks for American citizens for a long period.

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Successful Entrepreneur And Company CEO, Whitney Wolfe

Whitney Wolfe is a successful and well-recognized businesswoman that has made some serious steps to empower women through her latest development in the dating app industry. Whitney has stayed dedicated for years to work her way up the ladder and become a serious professional and entrepreneur. Whitney Wolfe graduated from the University of Southern Methodist with a business degree and the rest of her knowledge has been gained through experience.

Whitney started up the widely popular dating app for women known as Bumble, which allows women to make the first move when it comes to finding potential dates. By allowing women to make the first move when it comes to contact, they can avoid the many possible harassers they would have to deal with on other dating platforms. This is not because other platforms are necessarily bad, but women are under a lot more pressure as they receive more than 10 times the number of messages in half the time compared to their male counterpart users. Read her article at vogue.com to know more about Wolfe.

On virtually all other dating platforms on the market, virtually anyone is capable of starting up a conversation with anyone else using the platform, save a few conditions. Bumble gives women more freedom with their dating experience and this experiences extends to Bumbles companion apps as well. Alongside the typical Bumble dating app comes Bumble BFF, which allows users to find friends with like hobbies and ambitions. Bumble also has a business focused section that lets users find other professionals in the same field or different fields to build their professional network.

DUe to her work in the business industry and creating a highly successful dating app, Whitney Wolfe has been featured on various news outlets and has won several awards. She was even named on Forbes 30 under 30 list last year. Whitney Wolfe is always looking for ways to help her community and her users and has regularly used her success to give back to those in need.

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Robert Deignan Turns Nature Into Numbers

Business owner and entrepreneur Robert Deignan is the Co-Founder and CEO of ATS Digital Services based out of Boca Raton, Florida. The company was founded in 2011 and provides premium digital support services to customers around the world. At ATS, ensuring customer satisfaction by providing the highest level of services and products possible is the company’s top priority.

Robert Deignan has an interesting background that is not necessarily typical of the average business owner. Before starting up ATS, he attended Purdue University on a full football scholarship. After earning a B.S. degree in organizational leadership, Robert briefly played professional football in 1997 and 1998 for the Miami Dolphins and the NY Jets. He still competes today in offshore fishing tournaments in addition to his successful business endeavors.

After the NFL, Robert focused his competitive nature on the business world. His first start-up was Fanlink, Inc. where he served as president of the company for nearly three years. He then moved on to work for an anti-Malware software company and this is where the idea of ATS was borne.

While having difficulty installing their company’s anti-Malware software onto the users’ computers, Robert and his current business partners discovered a need for technical support to be provided through remote connections. The creation of ATS allowed Robert and his partners to enjoy an exciting new business adventure while benefiting consumers at the same time. By providing technical assistance through a remote connection, this eliminated the need for users to have to pack up their equipment and make a long trek over to the repair shop and attempt to explain the problem to the technician.

Ironically, Robert gets many of his best ideas when he is away from technology and out enjoying nature. He jots down his thoughts and when he is back in the office he will run the numbers on a spreadsheet. If they add up then he will present the idea to his partners and collaborate on the next steps. Turning nature into technological advances is one of many talents that Robert Deignan possesses and will benefit consumers for years to come.


OSI Food Solutions Doubles Chicken Production

When being called “Big Chicken” is an honor. It’s true, OSI Food Solutions is a big chicken producer. Since they doubled their chicken production worldwide, things have only gotten better, for everyone! Who says so? The British Globe of Honour Award, that’s who. This is an honor unlike any other. To receive it is to stop the very hard work necessary to achieve such recognition, just long enough to say “Thank you”, and get back to work.

Doubling the production of poultry on a global level is a herculean task. How many could meet such a demand? Not many, that’s how. OSI Food Solutions has reached a huge goal of food production with its chicken output. Now, do you want all of the dry, technical, business end details, or do you want to enjoy some of the finest food and chicken this weekend with your family? Chances are you’re enjoying some of the great products that OSI Food Solutions provides to the world. Where did you think it came from?

When you patronize a nice restaurant, or visit your favorite deli, chance are that you are about to enjoy some of the finest food available. OSI Food Solutions is just that, a “Food Solution” for those who wish to prepare and serve great meals to their fellow world citizens. Food is what life is all about, and OSI Food Solutions, one of the top food companies in the world, is proud to be a part of feeding us all.

Think twice about those tasty, all natural chicken nuggets or chicken strips, they’ve been delivered to you with great care, and every step of the way was managed by a great staff of over 20,000 employees of OSI Food Solutions, world wide. Eat hearty and give thanks, to OSI Food Solutions.


Ian King contribution to Banyan Hill.

Ian King is an accomplished trader, entrepreneur and a former fund manager who has twenty years of experience in the financial markets. His marketing skills have been featured in many business news. He was the first person to develop the crypto investing multimedia product. He is a creative person who creates and produces useful contents that help the investors in their daily lives. The first job he did was as a clerk. Later on, King spent ten years as head trader of the capital and he served the people. Ian King started his career as a graduate at Marconi, and he spent ten years in manufacturing in Scotland in 1976. Ian King became Finance Director of Marconi Defence Systems from 1986, and later he was appointed Chief Executive in 2008.

Ian King came to Banyan Hill Publishing to mold and helped the readers to go ahead with the decision of starting the crypto market. Here he became the editor of the famous crypto profit trader service, and this market was an investment advisory that won crypto trends with a unique trading strategy that helped improve the market. He brought change to the Banyan Hill as he contributed on a weekly basis keeping the members on toes to also emulate his example for the market to expand. Read more articles by Ian King at medium.com

Banyan hill was founded in 1998 as the sovereign society that became famous in spun of few years. It was a leading global asset that was based on the values of personal and self-sovereignty. It majorly focused on offering its readers advice that would help expand the market by giving some strategies like private foundations, bank accounts, second citizenship, and asset protection along with guidelines on how to maintain personal finances. The Banyan Hill focused on offering actionable advice from the company network. The experts employed at Banyan helped Americans obtain their freedom of wealth which gave the American’s the chance to choose their financial destiny by making their own decisions on their finances and giving them an opportunity to grow their wealth with being free from the financial worries and this boosted a lot of people.

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Communicating With Talk Fusion vs Other Electronic Ways of Communicating

These days, text communication has been one of the most common forms of communication. However, people are starting to see that it leaves a lot to be desired. For one thing, people are realizing that the connection that they have wanted to feel is not there with texting. Fortunately, Talk Fusion is available. While people may think about Talk Fusion as a marketing tool, it is much more than just a marketing tool. It is also a communications tool. People can communicate with one another with the use of Talk Fusion. The communication aspect is the selling point for the Talk Fusion app.


There are tons of advantages that communicating with Talk Fusion has over other ways of communicating. For one thing, a lot of people find that communicating through text can be surprisingly confusing. People sometimes read a tone in a text message that was not intended by the person writing the text. Even talking on the phone can cause people to get a little confusion when it comes to the tone of the other person. With Talk Fusion, people actually see each other. Therefore, they can actually get an understanding of the mood or the other aspects of the person’s body language.


Talk Fusion makes sure that all aspects of communication is taken care of. This can help with the relationships of the user. The professional and personal relationships of the user can be improved because of the video talking feature. This can cause people to feel some kind of connection that is surpassed only by meeting in person. Talk Fusion has been created with a lot of innovative features that improve on the relationships and the marketing efforts of each individual that uses this platform. Talk Fusion is one app that is worth using to enhance multiple aspects of life.


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Rocketship Education Issues a Response about the Impending NRP Report

Rocketship Education Issues a Response about the Impending NRP Report

When Preston Smith was appointed to serve as the CEO of Rocketship Education, he was not aware of the impending challenges that he would encounter later on in his career. Of late, he has been addressing some issues related to an NRP report. Some of these issues are allegations of how the education system does not offer the best learning environment for students. Here is a short report on some of the issues like NRP puts it across;

The NRP Report

Since its foundation, about a decade ago, Rocketship Education has been one of the most applauded charter networks with a blend of innovative learning models. Founder John Danner, a man who made a good fortune in online advertising, initially had a vision of enrolling over 1 million students as of 2020. Of course, this is entirely by relying on three key pillars including personalized learning, software, teachers, and parents. While that has been achievable, lately, a report by NRP lies on the problematic practices the network has. It even suggests that the practices are often a common practice in other charter schools.

What is the Issue?

According to the author of the article, there are long hours of studying and high pressure. There is also strong discipline in addition to classroom protocols that are not in line with the normal learning systems like in Success Academy. Moreover, the school has high test scores that draw communities and loyal parents. Even so, these common learning systems do not go well with the young scholars. In the negated report, NRP goes on to say that teachers should be gentler to the students.

Preston Smith’s Response

Upon the publishing of this report, Preston Smith asked a few questions that most parents raised as well. For instance, it the school is that bad, how come there are about 90% of scholars who reported back with the aim of staying? Also, if the learning system is crooked and strict, how come Rocketship Education continues to top the list of best performers? Smith is speaking for the parents of his students. Categorically, he states that Rocketship Education is a high-performance school that continues to set the right standards for other charter schools.

The Overview

Rocketship Education is located in San Jose. At the onset of the school in 2007, students scored as high grades as Palo Alto School District. Over the years, the school has been admitting students from low-income families thereby earning more recognition.

Why the Leadership of InnovaCare Rests with Richard Shinto the CEO.

In an organization, good leaders provide two significant elements to help with the growth and development of the business: consistent direction alongside creating the desire in people to follow the right path and achieve the set goals of the firm. Without a doubt, these two aspects should lead the company into a successful venture. With that said, Rick Shinto is one such leader who has managed to walk InnovaCare Health towards success thanks to his focus in providing the organization with some of the best leadership skills.



Background Information


Before joining InnovaCare Health, Shinto worked in different healthcare organizations and while there, he garnered vast experience not only as a business leader but also a man who is more focused on providing healthcare systems to his patients. For starters, he is an alumnus of the University of California where he earned a medical degree then headed to the University of Redlands for an M.B.A.




After school, Shinto was ripe enough to join the medical industry. He first practiced as a pulmonologist based in South Africa. Always busy treating his patients, Shinto managed to create a good rapport with his clients. From there, he served as the chief medical officer for Pathways Management, a healthcare company focusing on providing better healthcare services to its patients as well. In his capacity, Shinto oversaw the management of entire operations thereby preparing himself for senior positions in different organizations.



Serving as a Leader

Following his tremendous input in the two organizations, Shinto was now in a position to work for the likes of NAMM, based in California. There, he served as the chief medical officer of the company and oversaw the streamlining of the organization to accommodate the needs of his patients. It was while working in this organization that he was promoted to serve as the president as well as the chief executive officer of Aveta Inc. while there, he also excelled by instigating primary leadership structures that led to the growth of the organization regarding providing proper healthcare services.



The Outline


In 2012, Rick Shinto was promoted to serve as the chief executive officer of InnovaCare Health. Perhaps his appointment was based on his tremendous input in the organization because until now he has been able to guide the organization through various growth structures that have contributed to its development. Moreover, Shinto has provided the company with better health care plans for its patients. This aspect defines his ability to lead the healthcare system towards success. In conclusion, Rick Shinto is an admired healthcare leader who uses his extensive experience to propel the organization towards success.


Paul Mampilly, Writer of Profits Unlimited, and his Investment History

Banyan Hill Publishing is a publishing company that offers reading material to would-be and current investors. Nearly half-a-million people rely on Banyan Hill Publishing for their educational material, using that material to make money for themselves with wise investments. The writings from Banyan Hill focus on the natural gas industry. The company was created in 1998 under the name The Sovereign Society.

Paul Mampilly holds the final say over at Banyan Hill, serving the company as its senior editor. Mampilly is no stranger to public spotlight, being featured several times on television during interviews with stations such as Bloomberg and CNBC. At Bankers Trust, serving as an assistant portfolio manager, Paul Mampilly began his career in 1991. Follow Paul Mampilly on Stocktwits.com

Paul Mampilly was an early investor in Netflix, when the company had only a fraction of the popularity it has today. Mampilly bought into Netflix in 2008 and sold in 2010, earning a profit of over 600%. Other corporations and institutions that Mampilly personally invested into include Facebook, Ariad Pharmaceuticals, and Exact Science Corporation.

Over at Banyan Hill, Mampilly writes his own contribution called Profits Unlimited, a month newsletter. This 8-page long newsletter puts on display new investment chances every single month. The newsletter not only shows readers notable stocks that are worth investing in, Mampilly teaches his readers how to invest wisely and make good investment decisions.

Paul Mampilly has a long, storied history working in Wall Street, and for the last half a decade, Mampilly has been helping up-and-coming investors make great decisions on the stock market. Mampilly has held nearly every position imaginable on Wall Street: he has been an analyst, a manager, a trader, and much more. His previous job experience makes him the perfect person to write and edit for Banyan Hill Publishing. If Mampilly’s long list of accolades doesn’t convince a person of his knowledge, his wise personal investments surely will.

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