EOS – From Start-Up to Major Player

EOS started off as a new company that was entering the lip balm market from nowhere. While their co-founders had experience in various major personal care markets, they did not have experience specific to the lip balm industry. Instead, they noted that the market was relatively stagnant and the major companies in the market were ineffective in playing in the market. Seizing the opportunity the co-founders named their company the Evolution of Smooth, shortened to EOS on their packaging.

EOS examined the market and saw that customers were simply not provided with the products that they were looking to buy. Lip balms were boring and their customers didn’t have any loyalty or passion to the brands that they were buying on eBay or Amazon. Overall, customers were looking to find higher quality lip balms which coincided with the products they were buying for food and other personal care products.

EOS lip balm decided to use premium products in their lip balm and to charge a higher price for a superior product. Instead of petroleum jelly, EOS used shea butter and jojoba oil which proved to be longer lasting and higher quality than petroleum jelly. They then created unique new flavors of berry and flower blends that customers loved, developing a passionate loyalty to their products https://skincare-au.com/collections/eos. EOS then created their own machinery to make their lip balms which made it harder for others to copy them.

From this, EOS emerged as a great alternative to those brands currently for sale in the market. Customers flocked to EOS and the brand developed a reputation as one of the leading players in the lip balm marketplace.

Securus Technologies Rises to the Occasion

Securus Technologies has a suburb track record as a provider of institutional communications platforms to correctional facilities, safety groups, and law enforcement organizations. The currently cater to their 3,400 clients and over 1.2 million inmate populations all throughout North America.


Their communication packages that link inmates with their families are the epitome of what is working in the field, and it is always improving. Phone programs work with Android, iPhones, tablets, and landline telephone systems. The various phone plans include a very popular video program where each caller gets to view each other as they talk, pending having available web cameras at each end of the call.


Also included are collect calls, prepaid calling, inmate debit calling, where the inmate pays from his funds, and direct billing. Jail voicemail, email, and money transfer capability are also available.


Interestingly enough, GTL, a competing company has recently bombarded the airwaves and their ads with false statements of how much more cost effective and how their service is so much better than Securus. The claims that they made were so fallacious, and without merit, it would seem that they are talking from another planet. They quote fake statistics and outright lies in promoting their self-serving campaign of fairy tales.


Consequently, Securus decided to do something about the delirious mantra of stupidity. Securus offered to promote a public challenge where each company could lay out its metrics as far as pricing and servicing capabilities, and a disinterested third party judge would determine who would be telling the truth.


Suddenly, there was nothing but silence coming from GTL and for a few weeks that was the result. Then the other side relinquished and quietly declined to participate in the challenge. Of course, that was just what Securus expected; even there was no apology or retraction from GTL.