Meet Mike Heiligenstein, The Man Who’s Solving Traffic Congestion In Central Texas

Traffic congestion is expected to rise in Austin, Texas. To ensure that the residents of Austin are not affected by major traffic snarl-ups, there needs to be a technological solution to solve this problem.

One of the institutions that have put the right foot forward to address this developing issue is the Central Texas Regional Mobility Authority. In fact, the core mandate of the authority is to design and redesign infrastructure solutions so as to address traffic congestion.

Notable projects that have been developed by the Central Texas Regional Mobility Authority include the U.S. 290 toll road that stretches between Austin and Manor and the 183a road in Cedar Park and Leander. These two projects have significantly improved the capacity of the previous road accelerating growth within the Austin community.

Steering the Central Texas, Regional Mobility Authority is one distinguished infrastructure professional known as Mike Heiligenstein. His contributions to the improvement of the living conditions in Central Texas are notable.

While serving as an elected official in Williamson County for 23 years, He championed efforts of expanding water reticulation, sewage management, and improvement of the transport infrastructure.

According to Crunchbase, with his role as the leader of the Mobility Authority, Mike Heiligenstein is tasked with innovating infrastructure solutions that leverage the use of technology.

For instance, the Authority partnered with Metropia to design a mobile app that is integrated with Central Texas’ traffic monitoring system. The app provides real-time information on traffic flow, offering alternative routes to motorists. Learn more about Mike Heiligenstein:

Mike has an impressive education background with a Bachelor’s degree from the University of Texas and Master’s Degrees in both Government and Business Administration.

Apart from steering the Mobility Authority, He is a public speaker of repute in matters infrastructure. He is acclaimed for his comprehensive approach towards transportation solutions.

Working with other partners such as Carma, a carpooling app, the Authority encourages motorists to share their vehicle with others. In Austin statistics show that a massive 900,000 empty seats are available every day as a result of people who choose to drive alone. If these space can be shared with other road users, traffic congestion will be tackled.

The authority intends to forge even more partnerships that provide solutions in traffic congestion.

Future projects the Authority is working on include “smart roads,” a futuristic infrastructural solution that installs fiber lines along highways, anticipating the day when vehicles can communicate with the road infrastructure.

Copa Star Introduces a New Concept in Medicine

From a glance, the Copa Star hospital looks like a 5-star hotel, but take a closer look, and you will be introduced to a new luxurious world. Copa Star has combined luxury and technology in perfect fusion.

Launched in October 2016, Copa Star introduces a new concept in medicine that is set to benefit the residents of Rio de Janeiro. Rede D’Or Sao Luz is the group responsible for the project.

Copa Star seeks to be the best hospital in neurosurgery and cardiology. That is the reason why Rede D’Or has equipped the hospital with modern equipment to improve the fields of neurology and cardiology.

The design

The architecture is compatible with a luxurious hotel. It is a seven-story hospital with various room including hybrid rooms, neurosurgery with magnetic resonance equipment, Intensive Care Units, and patients suites.

The hospital contains alluring artwork from Yutaka Toyota. It is also fitted with a glass ceiling that illuminates the hospital with natural lighting. At the reception area, there is a grand piano with an attractive interior. The hospital has a world-class restaurant with various cuisines.


The hospital has introduced the concept of telemedicine and robotic medicine used in the operating room. The equipment helps the surgeons to perform the surgery. They monitor the patients’ vitals during the procedure.

The concept of using iPads in the patients’ rooms has come to life in this hospital. The management has iPads installed with a unique app to the hospital. The patients can use the iPads to control the different functions of the rooms. They can be open and close the curtains, control the lighting, and also communicate with the doctors and nurses. The doctors can also use the iPads to share the radiology results with the patients.

Patients in the ICU usually get bored and suffer from depression which has proven to be a challenge. The hospital has installed screens in the rooms to help relax the patients. The screen displays real-time images from the camera installed on the top buildings.

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The personnel

It is not only the equipment that makes the Copa Star a world-class hospital. They have qualified and experienced doctors and nurses. They have 550 employees with 113 specialized physicians. The staff members undergo two months training in a stimulating environment. The primary goal of the training is to equip the physicians with skills to improve communication. They are also equipped with knowledge on how to improve the recovery process of the patients.

Final thought

The hospital has features that will take care of both the patients and their family members. Rede D’Or Sao Luz is planning to open similar hospitals in other parts of the States. View the design at RafArquitetura.Com

Roberto Santiago Strategizes Amazing Maniera Shopping Area

Everyone in Paraiba knows the name of Roberto Santiago. Not only is he the largest business owner in the area, but he is one of the most prominent businessmen in Brazil. Almost three decades ago, in 1989, he established the extravagant Manaira Shopping, which is the largest shopping mall in Paraiba and in Brazil. Santiago is a serial entrepreneur and successful businessman as the owner of Manaira Shopping. In 2014, he also founded the Mangabiera Shopping Center.

Roberto Santiago began his career writing a blog about Brazil, and his articles were so intriguing and catchy that his name soon spread, and he gained a spectacular reputation. Roberto Santiago used his knowledge of the state of Paraiba and Brazil to invest in several businesses. Now at 58 years of age, he is a strategic engineer and entrepreneur of premier retail space. Read more articles on Blog Do Gordinho

The Unique Manaira Shopping

Roberto Santiago established the Manaira Shopping Mall in the year 1989, but by 2017, it has undergone five renovations. It is located in the heart of downtown Joao Pessoa, in the State of Paraiba, Brazil. Manaira Shopping is near downtown, which makes it very convenient, and Santiago has made sure that it is very versatile with every product and service you might need for everyday life. Food, clothes, general shopping, art, movie theaters and other entertainment are only the beginning of what is available.

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Built near the north coast beaches, Santiago ensures customer satisfaction with tremendous versatility by establishing 280 stores and 75,000 m² of Gross Lettable Area. Manaira Shopping is larger and offers so much more than any shopping mall, in fact, it is more like a small city. It’s for the whole family.

There is just as much entertainment as shopping with bowling alleys, gardens, bars and the 11 movie theaters that offer films for all tastes. The food courts and restaurants have different kinds of cuisine for the different tastes of the customers, and together with the entertainment, there is a college and several banks. Santiago was thinking outside the box when he designed this, and the Brazilians love it.

At the center of Roberto Santiago Manaira Shopping Mall is Domus Hall, which could be considered a stadium. It seats 8,000 people and is mainly used for exhibitions, cultural festivals, and live concerts. This is also the place to be if you need to learn more about the Brazilian culture.

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Tony Petrello: A Business Man With A Big Heart

When it comes to business, fiscal success and compassion do not necessarily go hand-in-hand. His compassion is definitely the case when it comes to Tony Petrello and his wife, Cynthia. They happen to have brought a little girl into the world who has a neurological condition. She was born at 24 weeks and was quickly diagnosed with PVL, and neurological condition that is the result of not getting enough oxygen to her brain when she was in the womb.

So what did Tony Petrello do?

He took this moment which was close to his heart and decided to help others. Petrello and his wife, Cynthia Petrello donated $7 million toward finding a cure for this condition, so that someday other children do not have to go through what his daughter did. Petrello has also joined the Board of Directors for Texas Children’s Hospital.

What is his background?

Tony Petrello has a very deep background in education, because he has two degrees from Yale University. These degrees are a bachelors of science degree and a Masters of science degree. He also continued his education and received a JD from Harvard Law school.

In addition to this educational experience, Anthony Petrello has served as the chief executive officer and president of the Nabors industries since 1991. This is a company that is a force within the oil and drilling industry. This company provides vessels, technology, software and labor for drilling and has emerged as the top land-based drilling company in the entire world.

Every step of the way, Petrello make sure to give back and use his money for good. He understands where he comes from and knows that the world needs more people with compassion in order for it to truly thrive and become a better place for all.

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