US Money Reserve Brought Michael Reagan On To Its 2016 Gold Summit

Michael Reagan, the son of former President Ronald Reagan knows a lot about investing in gold and heard his father’s speech at one time about the right of US citizens to own it. That’s why he was chosen by US Money Reserve to deliver opening remarks at its national television event, 2016 Gold Summit.

This event didn’t take as much of the national spotlight as the presidential debates of that year, but it was of utmost importance to those who have a lot invested in the US economy.

At the event and discussing the issues of gold and silver’s value were US Money Reserve President and Chairman Philip N. Diehl, the former Director of Sales Brad Castillo, and numismatics expert John Rothans while former news host Larry King moderated the discussion.

The US Money Reserve not only sells precious metals, they want to make sure their customers are informed about all aspects of owning them. You’ve probably heard plenty of talk about investing in gold and silver, but it’s not simply a hobby for coin collectors or just an activity to put precious items on display.

It’s a way to plan for a rocky future in the world’s economy. A lot of things can effect world economies from natural disasters, wars, economic struggles and others, but having gold and silver in your portfolio can help you stay protected from the damages of such events.

As countries fall into debt, banks can end up charging negative interest rates on account holders, but if you have your funds placed in gold or silver, they are not subjected to negative interest rates and cannot be controlled by central banks or governments.

There are different forms of gold and silver bullion, but US Money Reserve often recommends coins as a good investment since they can be used to make purchases and can be resold when the time comes. They also have gold bricks and bars in their inventory.

US Money Reserve has a highly interactive website that potential investors should visit and with it you can find plenty of information on buying precious metals. US Money Reserve President and former US Mint Director Philip Diehl has some words for new investors and the customer service team is always ready to point visitors in the right direction.

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It is important to read about all the risks and hurdles that you might face when investing in gold and silver, but once you make your purchase you can make strategic investments and even transfer an IRA into gold and silver if you wish.

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