A Glimpse At Julia Jackson From Jackson Family Wines

Julia Jackson, the proprietor of Jackson Family Wines, boasts a rich history in the winemaking world. Having fond memories of working with grapes, both picking and sorting at a young age, the got started early in the industry. Julia graduated from the Bachelor of Arts program through Scripps College in 2010 and went on to gain her certificate in General Management through Stanford Graduate School Of Business in the same year.

Cambria Seeds Of Empowerment was founded by Jackson in 2014, which is a program working to celebrate various women who have been able to get through hardships in life and then go on to inspire others in their communities to do so as well. Julia feels strongly that there are not nearly enough role models for young women today and this program is set up to break through and showcase the strength of powerful women as leaders.

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Jackson Family Wines produce a vast range of brands including Arrowood, which was founded in Sonoma County in 1986 by Kristina Werner, as well as Stonestreet, which was founded in Sonoma County in 1989 by Lisa Valtenbergs.


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