Orange Coast College Houses Corpse Flower

Orange Coast College is located in beautiful Costa Mesa California. Students of OCC can look forward to being very close to the southern beaches of California. The beaches are only a few minutes away from the campus. Orange Coast College happily enrolls over 25 thousand students each term. Students have their choice of more than 135 academic programs to choose from at OCC.


Orange Coast College has many sports programs for both men and women. This includes men’s basketball, baseball, football, soccer, golf, swimming, water polo, golf, volleyball, track and field, cross country, crew, and tennis teams. For women, Orange Coast College has basketball, cheer/dance, crew, cross country, golf, beach volleyball, soccer, softball, swimming, tennis, track and field, volleyball, and water polo sports teams. This college has it all and more.


Orange Coast College is also home to a amorphophallus titanum plant, which is also known as a corpse flower due to its smell. The flower is originally from Indonesia and is endangered. In its natural habitat the smell is caused when beetles help pollinate the flower. The horticulture department pollinates their corpse flowers by hand. It is on display for viewers at the school’s administration building. The college named this plant Little Dougie. Little Dougie has been on campus since 2006.


The smell of this flower got so bad once that the college had to turn on fans for a few hours to ventilate the stench. Once the corpse flower blooms it is beautiful with its magenta petals almost resembling a skirt around its tall stalk. This flower usually takes about 10 years to first bloom but ounce it does it will regularly bloom every three to five years. The flower’s bloom usually occurs in the evening so right now the college administration building will remain open until 6 pm. Once the flower blooms it will allow visitors to stay until 10 pm. Visitors are also encouraged to make a small $3 donation to help support the horticulture department of Orange Coast College so they can continue events such as this one. Go by and check out this incredible sight.


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Roberto Santiago, the Multitalented Entrepreneur

Roberto Santiago is a man of determination, who made it to the top despite the many challenges that surrounded him. Case in point, at the time he decided to do business, Roberto lacked the necessary finances needed to start a big business that he desired to start. Still, he lacked enough education that he needed to make the right decisions in business. Roberto knew that he needed to do something urgently to improve his situation. Consequently, he advanced his education in business before setting out his first business, which was Santa Rosa Café. The venture was started when Roberto was in college as he felt he had gained enough education to venture into business. At this time, Roberto desired to start a large firm, but his finances at the time limited him to start small. After a while, Roberto used his savings in the venture to begin a cartonnage company that dealt with the manufacture of cardboards. The venture turned Roberto’s life around as the savings from the business helped him buy the large land on which he built the Maniara Mall.


As Roberto started Maniara, his intention was to have the venture offer all products under one roof. He also desired to provide the client with luxurious features that would make them happy and relaxed. The above was achieved as the Maniara Shopping Mall hosts luxurious food courts, boutiques, shops, banks, stadiums, theaters, among other ventures. As the customer visits the mall, they can buy all goods and services that they need without having to move to another building.

Where did Roberto Start

Before the business fame which Roberto gained over the years, many people knew him as a children literature author. He sold many volumes of his books in the Brazilian economy and even beyond. In fact, if you mention his names, many kids and parents will identify Roberto as an author. Afterward, Roberto decided to pursue play and script writing to further utilize his creative genius. Roberto was equally successful in the field, making him a darling of his numerous fans. Roberto also participated in play directing, especially in the works that he wrote. Additionally, Roberto had a blog site on which he constantly engages readers from many regions of the world. The articles were mainly inspirational, encouraging the readers to push on, irrespective of the challenges, which they faced. The popularity of the blogs gave Roberto some income and that birthed his interest in investments. He decided to study before investing. Consequently, Roberto joined the Pio Marxist College and later the University Center in Joao Pessoa where he pursued a Bachelor of Commerce. It was while on campus that Roberto decided to utilize his knowledge in practical business.


The Success Of Bumble And CEO Whitney Wolfe

There’s no doubt that Whitney Wolfe will be a household name within a decade. If she continues to take on social media the way that she has within the last several years it will be impossible for people not to recognize who she is. She is already leading the way as a dominant female entrepreneur in the dating app world, and this allows her to stand out.

It is through Whitney Wolfe efforts to create what she called a Feminist Dating App that so many people would be able to find better ways to improve their chances of finding love.

This was an area that Whitney Wolfe wanted to tackle as she started Bumble, but her desire to help people build other types of relationships would also manifest as Whitney Wolfe became the CEO of Bumble. It definitely appears that she is helping more people create opportunities to network with other business professionals now that she has created Bumble Bizz. There is a lot of interest in what she is doing in the business world when it comes to helping other professionals build their networks.

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Whitney Wolfe has even touched on the matter of finding friends to hang out with. Bumble BFF is the app that she uses for this. It really is an ingenious concept because so many people have moved to different cities that are in search of a friend in a new location. What Whitney Wolfe has done with Bumble is make it easy for people that have this need to find the friendship that they seek.

Whitney Wolfe is definitely in the business of making it easier for people to connect on all different types of levels. She has always been someone that has been passionate about different business ventures, and it appears that she could be changing the total landscape of the social media environment.

Whitney Wolfe is really building a better bridge to a network where people can check out different social environment all through one company. People can find dates, build networks and develop friendships all with the help of Whitney Wolfe and her Bumble apps.

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