Perry Mandera’s Entrepreneurial Journey and Love for Charities

Most Chicago residents know Perry Mandera as a former 26th Ward Committeeman and the transportation industry juggernaut. Only a few can lay testament to his philanthropic side and love for charities. And while his popularity in the state only surged after his short stint in politics in the 1980s, considering he was the youngest person elected you this position, his entrepreneurial side has been building within him ever since he left the military service.


Mandera as a businessman


When Perry Mandera joined Marine Corps Reserve, he worked with the motor pool division. This experience with motor vehicles and special driving instructions gained here formed his base and ignited an interest in the transportation industry. After leaving the service, Perry secured a job as a truck driver at a local transportation company. He would go on to work with different companies at different management levels before starting his own company in 1980.


The former military man would later sell this first businessman upon joining politics and used these proceeds to start Custom Cares Companies, Inc. The company defines itself as a full transportation services provider that specializes in providing all-transport related services to other businesses. Today, the company has not only broadened the list of services it provides these businesses but has also expanded its operations with offices stretched across the country.


Perry’s involvement in charitable organizations


Perry Mandera hoped to establish a company that not only eases service delivery for businesses but also impacts the lives of the less fortunate within the community. He, therefore, established the Custom Care Charities, a registered organization, that supports diverse group’s individuals like the children and the marginalized in the society.


Charitable courses he has championed


Unlike most other organizations whose involvement in charity doesn’t extend past writing a cheque, Perry Mandera’s charity trust adopts a more active charitable role. This involves interacting with these marginalized groups, understanding their pain points, and addressing them directly. For instance, instead of just donating cash to child care facilities, Custom Cares Charities donate clothing materials and even avails his trucks when needed. This dedication to uplifting others in the society has earned him numerous awards including the Citizen of the year award by the state of Illinois in 2011.

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