NGP VAN Looks To Modernize The Way Political Campaigns Operate

In 2012, Democrats and Republicans both set out to develop their own apps in a bid to create a better way of campaigning for the future, a race which was won by the left-leaning party with the aid of NGP VAN. The technology-based company worked closely with grassroots campaigners before the Presidential election bid of then-Senator Barrack Obama brought NGP VAN and the use of technology to the fore in 2008 and 2012.

Campaigns have long been searching for the best ways of keeping track of the masses of data made available through the work of grassroots campaigners who often make their way to the front lines of the election on the ground. The growth of grassroots-funded campaigns makes it imperative for the leaders of a campaign at district, state, and national levels to have access to as much information as possible throughout the course of an election battle. NGP VAN has been developing a range of options for the future of election campaigns and hopes to use the technological advances of the 21st-century to develop a system saving paper and time for campaign officials throughout each election cycle.



During the 2012 Presidential election cycle, campaign officials for President Obama announced a Democrat-backed app known as Grassroots which was a direct rival to the GOP launched ORCA for the campaign of Mitt Romney. This campaign led to the launch of a range of new technologies by NGP VAN which included those targeted to all different levels of campaigning and allowed a large amount of tracking of grassroots campaign funding to take place.


In the new era of grassroots funding led by such liberal figures as President Obama and Bernie Sanders who are working with a range of new technologies which are designed to allow tracking of all aspects of the campaign. NGP VAN’s technologies allow millions of people to be tracked in terms of their funding and which volunteer was last to visit the potential voter and donor.