Boraie is the Baron of New Brunswick

Omar Boraie made it his mission in life to resurrect the city of New Brunswick, New Jersey like it is the great phoenix of old. It is because of his hard work that New Brunswick is hustling and bustling today.


Omar Boraie is passionate about modeling New Brunswick after the great European economic centers he encountered while traveling the world. When he returned to America, he told his business associates that he believed New Brunswick could be as influential as any city in Europe. His friends scoffed at these high ideals and told him it would just be better if they all left the city. Omar Boraie did not agree, and after four decades of work, he can proudly say the New Brunswick is as influential as it is today because of him. reports that Omar Boraie is a humble man who did everything in his power to keep his donation amounts out of the public eye. However, journalists were able to find bank records that detailed his giving. Over the last ten years alone, he has given over $150 million. This money has been used to build residential and commercial real-estate. This was meant to bring in business professionals and then give them a place to stay. Omar Boraie has not kept a penny of this profit. Instead, he has donated that money back to the city. For more details visit Crunchbase.


Sam Boraie developed a fourfold plan to bring New Brunswick, New Jersey to new heights. He wanted to begin by making it a more family oriented place. He then wanted to keep jobs in the area. He then wanted to bring jobs in the area. He then wanted to keep professionals living in the area to help with taxes.


Omar Boraie used dozens of brand new initiatives to make New Brunswick a better place for families. He began by providing seven free movie nights to the community. This came about when Omar reached out to the State Theater. This was attended by 7,500 people. Check out pressofatlanticcity to see more.



Omar Boraie then began bringing businesses back to the area by building his class A office space. This was made in the same style as New York City.


Omar Boraie was then able to secure jobs in the area by convincing the titan Johnson and Johnson to stay.


Lastly, Omar Boraie was able to get young professionals to relocate to New Brunswick by building the Aspire tower.

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