How Kate Hudson’s Fabletics is Attracting Amazon Customers

Most think that Amazon has so many customers that they can afford to lose a few to the competition, and dominating 20 percent of the market in the women’s niche shouldn’t worry Amazon. The truth is that one clothing company is growing in size each year, and has already brought in over $250 million in sales working right alongside Amazon. Kate Hudson’s Fabletics is creating a shopping experience for women that is unlike any you will find, and it is changing the way these customers shop for high-quality workout apparel.


Hudson was asked to discuss her success, to which she replied that it all comes down to her membership program and the sales process known as reverse showrooming. Now this may sound like a foreign language to most customers, but the process is drawing in more women each year who have discovered an amazing way to shop for the workout apparel they need. Just take a close look at how these women shop at the Fabletics stores in the mall. Hudson says women want to touch and feel her athleisure brand, trying on all the clothing and signing up for the free membership. Those who take the Lifestyle Quiz will further enhance their membership too.


Here is how the sales process at Kate Hudson’s Fabletics differs from the majority working in this same space. These women who were trying on all the clothing at the mall are discovering when they shop at the e-commerce site, all those pieces of active-wear are sitting in the shopping cart for consideration. Since the clothing has already been tried on in the retail store, these women already know exactly what fits and how it looks on their frame. This makes the buying process that much easier because as soon as you add to the cart, you know it fits perfectly. That allows these women to shop for new arrivals and various colors without concern.


Kate Hudson’s Fabletics has discovered early on that pampering these women goes a very long way because you wind up turning a potential customer in the mall to long-term loyal shoppers online. The Kate Hudson’s Fabletics membership plan also includes low discounted prices, free shipping with online orders, and the assistance of a personal shopper each month. This is unlike Amazon, where you have to pay them $80 for a Prime membership, with far less in the way of benefits.