Robert Ivy Explains Why The American Institute Of Architects Is A Positive Association

In the U.S. alone, there are more than 92,000 active trade associations looking for members to swell their ranks. Robert Ivy is the Executive Vice President and Chief Executive Officer of the American Institute of Architects and believes the use of trade associations as a learning and career tool is of great importance for his members. Many professionals are turned off from joining a trade association because of what they see as the high cost of membership, but the credibility and opportunities to offer more than make-up for any fees.

When discussing the options on offer for his members through the American Institute of Architects, CEO Robert Ivy is at pains to point out there is no set cost for members wishing to join one of the oldest trade associations in the U.S. In order to keep membership levels affordable the AIA creates individual membership fees for each chapter across the nation. For example, some of the highest fees paid are for members living and working in New York City and Chicago, with lower fees charged for those living and working in less populated rural areas.


The question Robert Ivy often faces is why do his members pay fees for membership to an association linked to their career. The leader of a group consisting of more than 90,000 members explains the benefits are many and include the opportunity to take part in high-quality training and educational opportunities linked to required continuing learning requirements.

Taking advantage of the educational opportunities on offer from the American Institute of Architects is just one of the benefits of membership, according to Robert Ivy. The former Architectural Record editor explains meeting with colleagues at events is a great way of furthering the career opportunities of a member. Membership in a trade association is also a prestigious opportunity to further a career in an open and active community knowledgeable in their chosen career as an architect.

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American Institute Of Architects: Architectural Design For Healthy Living

In the 21st century, if there is one industry that is contributing significantly to the development of other industries, then it has to be architecture. Architects role is required in many industries especially those that touch on lifestyle. Gone are the days when the only thing that an architect would do was some construction work design. Now the needs of design work have gone beyond building houses. Other sectors need the creative input of architects. One such field that needs the input of architects is the health industry. There is serious need to have solutions in the health industry that can only be done through the services of designers.

According to the CEO of AIA Robert Ivy, the field of design has many applications, and it is the time that professionals in the industry took time to study all the fields that need their services instead of competing for space that is only available in the construction industry. Robert is advising the professionals to look for opportunities especially in the health sector since the two industries have some correlation. Many health issues are brought about by lifestyle challenges. Where we live and how we live has an impact on the status of our health. We, therefore, need to embrace good living styles which can include better design of our living space.
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There are advanced projects that have been going on to address some the issues that are related to our health. One project that is being carried out at the moment is medical practitioners in collaboration with architects are doing the “light technology” light technology project. Medical practitioners believe that a good lighting design can resolve the challenges that people who have Alzheimer’s disease are going through. Victims of this disease are unable to find good sleep a factor that is related to bright light according to medical practitioners. There is hope that is architects could come up the lighting design that takes care of the issues, some of the effects of this disease may be done away with. There is a need for people to recognize that design work is coming to give some lifestyle solutions to lifestyle disease.
Another area that is gaining from design work is educational materials for health problems. There is research that is being done to see how design can be incorporated in education about obesity. According to Robert Ivy, there is a need for awareness to be created through unique ways such as design. People need to learn that obesity is not good. They need to embrace healthy living standards such as exercise and good dietary manners.
Robert Ivy is from Columbus Mississippi. He has a bachelors and masters in Architecture. He is popularly known as “Master Architect” for his prowess in the industry.