Chris Burch Is Excited About Catering To Consumers Who Seek Experiences Over Material Goods

Chris Burch is an investor, entrepreneur, and the founder and chief executive officer of Burch Creative Capital. He has been a contributing part of many different successful brands and continues to be so. Chris Burch is well-known for helping to create Nihiwatu, which is a luxury resort that exists on the island of Sumba. The hotel has been named the #1 Hotel in the World by Travel + Leisure magazine and has created plenty of jobs for locals. Chris Burch has also partnered up with Ellen DeGeneres to help her with her ED by Ellen DeGeneres lifestyle company. He has also served the Rothman Institute Orthopedic Foundation as a member of its board and has funded many different philanthropic causes; know more on (

Chris Burch has revealed that the idea for Burch Creative Capital was inspired by his own curiosity about the world. He loves to look at a product and think about how it could be made better. After his own success with his apparel brand and as an entrepreneur who has been successful in a range of sectors, he decided to help others out. His work now involves him finding great ideas and pairing them up with investors who are looking for the next big company to invest in. In an interview, Burch was asked what a normal day for him looks like, and he responded by saying that none of his days are identical. One day, he might be traveling to some exotic location, and the next day he might be sitting in a mundane meeting somewhere in the city.

Chris Burch brings ideas to life by employing a solid team that is full of people who have a passion for business. When asked if he is excited about anything going in the world today, he commented that he appreciates the tiny house movement. He created his company Cocoon9 to serve a new growing wave of people, including Millennials, who place experiences over material gains. He feels that his Nihiwatu resort caters to this crowd and that it is an exciting development to see so many people choosing enjoyment and the present moment over material goods, important source on