A Great Day for Customers

GovPayNet was at one point in time a very small online financial company that supported other corporations as their business model. Their company simply offered payment options for other companies to use as a means for customers to pay them. Payment options are plentiful and abundant, and this is what caused them to catch the eye of information technology giant Securus Technologies. Securus provides communication and security support to inmates currently in the prison system and their family members living on the outside. Their highest rated product is a video chat interface that is proven to work well on even the lowest grade internet connection. This makes communication easy for inmates as they have the ability to rent tablets and WiFi ready mobile devices for a fee. This allows them to bypass the annoying transition periods for visitation times and gives them the ability to speak openly, face-to-face with their loved ones on their own time. While this technology is truly amazing there is an issue with it; you can’t have an amazing service if you are unable to pay for it.


Securus Technologies recently purchased GovPayNet to handle its payment department as they needed a solution to the problem of delinquent monthly payments. Many Secutus customers come from low-income homes who have poor credit. This means that they either do not have valid bank accounts or it is very difficult for them to acquire a credit card. With the merger customers will now be able to use other forms of payment beyond the two already listed, such as PayPal, check by phone or pre-paid credit cards they can purchase from stores. This is a great time to be a Secutus customer, especially if you need peace of mind in difficult times.


For more information please click this link: http://www.prnewswire.com/news-releases/securus-technologies-inc-to-acquire-jpay-inc-300065531.html


Securus takes fight against contraband cell phones to the next level

Over the last 20 years, the threat posed by contraband cellular devices entering the nation’s prisons and jails has reached a tipping point. Each year, the number of illegal cell phones proliferating in the nation’s carceral institutions has ballooned, with some experts estimating that nearly all of the nation’s prisoners, in 2016, could access illegal cell phones, provided that they had enough money.


But all that is beginning to change. Securus Technologies, one of the leading provider of inmate communications solutions and prison security platforms has unveiled one of the most hi-tech solutions to ever emerge in the fight against contraband cell phones. Dubbed the Wireless Containment System, the technology is directly adapted from systems developed by the Department of Defense for use on the battlefields of Afghanistan and Iraq.


The Wireless Containment System is able to emulate local cell phone towers, tricking any targeted device into thinking that it is actually communicating with its own network when, in fact, it is directly connecting to the anti-phone system. The system then gives officers the ability to either allow the call to be passed through the system and on to the nearest tower, as would normally happen, or it gives the operator the option to deny the call, giving the user a similar message to what they would receive if they were out of range.


The system has proven to be 100 percent effective in denying unauthorized calls. However, Securus has had more difficult time getting it approved by the FCC than with many of their other products. This is because the system is essentially a military-grade technology, with the capacity to be seriously misused on the public airwaves. In fact, the system is theoretically capable of shutting down all cellular communications within the area about the size of a small town.


But Securus has tweaked the system to the point where it can be reliably programmed to only interfere with communications taking place on the prison grounds. As a result, the system has recently been approved for full use in the nation’s prisons. And it’s been off to a great start.


Prisons where the Wireless Containment System have been deployed have reported that the rate of unauthorized cellular communications has dropped to zero. On top of this, the system is designed to allow corrections officers to pinpoint the exact location of any contraband device that is turned on within prison grounds. This has, likewise, dropped the number of randomly confiscated cell phones on routine searches to nearly zero, indicating that the phones confiscated directly by detection with the Wireless Containment System amount to nearly every contraband phone within the institution.


The WCS has been a major success, and Securus is working to bring it to other prisons across the country.


What You Need to Know About Securus Technologies

Having a loved one in any of the correctional facilities in the country is not easy. There was a time when even making a simple phone call to someone who had been incarcerated would cost thousands of dollars per month. However, things have been improving steadily over the past three decades. The entry of companies such as Securus Technologies into the sector has completely changed the game, and for the better.


Securus Technologies has its headquarters in Dallas, Texas. The company was established in 1986 and has been expanding greatly over the years. They currently operate in more than 2,200 correctional facilities across the country and Canada. They have invested more than $600 million in modern technology to help secure the prison systems, and are doing, even more, to improve the experience of inmates and their families during the incarceration period.


One of the most successful initiatives they have been part of was the introduction of the system which controls contraband cell phones in the correctional facilities. They introduced a managed access system that gained a lot of support and approval from the correctional facilities. They acquired Sycon Justice Systems in 2007, which was a move to improve their service delivery. Securus has been slowly transforming how things are done in the correctional facilities. For instance, the introduction of their video monitoring systems and video call services made it possible for people to communicate with their loved ones via video link, without having to go all the way to the facility.


The CEO of the company, Rick Smith, states that he is very impressed by how far the company has come regarding improving the experiences that inmates get when they are in the correctional facilities. He adds that they hope to make things much better as they continue interacting with their clients and learning about their needs.


You Are the Reason We Continue to Evolve. Thank you.

Securus Technologies is the gold standard for technology in correctional facilities. Their excellent work in providing correctional facility officials and law enforcement the tools required to capture and prevent crimes is astonishing. Equally, providing inmates with technology to communicate with loved one is touching, as many believe jail or prison doesn’t allow outside communication.


Various law enforcement officials, correctional facility officials, inmates, and inmates’ families appreciate Securus Technologies’ continued dedication toward public safety and criminal justice. Their affection shows through countless emails and letters thanking us for our services along with advice on making our technology better. We take each letter and email to heart. We won’t be a leading provider without their support. Therefore, we wanted to share some examples of the appreciation we receive that drive us to be better.


  • “Securus’ vision continues to impress us. Their approach to evolving technology along with their current assessment will improve investigations and jail security. The tools provided segue nicely with our aggressive mindset during investigations.”


  • “Our correctional facility relied on Securus Technologies for over a decade. The continued dedication to public safety and incarceration progression prove why we will continue to use Securus for decades to come.”


  • “The investigative tools allow our staff to proceed with investigations involving instances such as harassment, security threats, and community threats. Thank you, Securus.”


It is an honor to provide much-needed technology to protect and serve the community and the people within it. With your feedback and our motivation, Securus Technologies will continue as the premier choice for correctional facilities, criminal justice, inmate progression, and public safety.


Securus Technologies Rises to the Occasion

Securus Technologies has a suburb track record as a provider of institutional communications platforms to correctional facilities, safety groups, and law enforcement organizations. The currently cater to their 3,400 clients and over 1.2 million inmate populations all throughout North America.


Their communication packages that link inmates with their families are the epitome of what is working in the field, and it is always improving. Phone programs work with Android, iPhones, tablets, and landline telephone systems. The various phone plans include a very popular video program where each caller gets to view each other as they talk, pending having available web cameras at each end of the call.


Also included are collect calls, prepaid calling, inmate debit calling, where the inmate pays from his funds, and direct billing. Jail voicemail, email, and money transfer capability are also available.


Interestingly enough, GTL, a competing company has recently bombarded the airwaves and their ads with false statements of how much more cost effective and how their service is so much better than Securus. The claims that they made were so fallacious, and without merit, it would seem that they are talking from another planet. They quote fake statistics and outright lies in promoting their self-serving campaign of fairy tales.


Consequently, Securus decided to do something about the delirious mantra of stupidity. Securus offered to promote a public challenge where each company could lay out its metrics as far as pricing and servicing capabilities, and a disinterested third party judge would determine who would be telling the truth.


Suddenly, there was nothing but silence coming from GTL and for a few weeks that was the result. Then the other side relinquished and quietly declined to participate in the challenge. Of course, that was just what Securus expected; even there was no apology or retraction from GTL.