Dr. Jorge Moll: Setting The Path For Future Researchers In Brazil

Finding out the intricacies of the workings of the brain is something that most neuroscientists strive to work towards, and Dr. Jorge Moll is one of them. He has been interested in the minutest workings of the brain since the start of his career and has taken on many research studies that can shed light on the things that are relatively unknown to the field. One of the studies that Dr. Moll is most well known for was his study on the altruistic emotions that people tend to exhibit. The study was conducted in 2006 and was one of the most well known that Dr. Moll had undertaken.


To begin his research for this study, Dr. Moll decided to join forces with another well-known neuroscientist, Jordan Grafman, who was also a well-established name at the time. The two scientists decided to gather a group of people and test out their hypothesis on them. As part of this, Dr. Moll first chose to connect the participants to a machine that took images of the brain as they were partaking in the study. Each participant of the survey was asked a number of questions, and these questions mostly revolved around some form of charity or altruistic activity. As soon as the participants were given the questions, their answers would then reflect on their brains, as one specific part of it would generally light up. After conducting the study, Dr. Moll came to the conclusion that decisions that involve some form of altruism are linked to the part of the brain that is included with some kind of primate function.


Before this study, scientists in the field believed that altruistic actions were generally carried out by a part of the brain that was responsible for more developed and complex thinking, and not something that was ingrained into our primate functions. This study was considered groundbreaking and paved the way for future researchers to come.


About Dr. Jorge Moll


Dr. Jorge Moll is regarded as a well-rounded neuroscience from Brazil who has conducted several types of research that determine the functioning of the brain and its intricacies.