Orange Coast College Houses Corpse Flower

Orange Coast College is located in beautiful Costa Mesa California. Students of OCC can look forward to being very close to the southern beaches of California. The beaches are only a few minutes away from the campus. Orange Coast College happily enrolls over 25 thousand students each term. Students have their choice of more than 135 academic programs to choose from at OCC.


Orange Coast College has many sports programs for both men and women. This includes men’s basketball, baseball, football, soccer, golf, swimming, water polo, golf, volleyball, track and field, cross country, crew, and tennis teams. For women, Orange Coast College has basketball, cheer/dance, crew, cross country, golf, beach volleyball, soccer, softball, swimming, tennis, track and field, volleyball, and water polo sports teams. This college has it all and more.


Orange Coast College is also home to a amorphophallus titanum plant, which is also known as a corpse flower due to its smell. The flower is originally from Indonesia and is endangered. In its natural habitat the smell is caused when beetles help pollinate the flower. The horticulture department pollinates their corpse flowers by hand. It is on display for viewers at the school’s administration building. The college named this plant Little Dougie. Little Dougie has been on campus since 2006.


The smell of this flower got so bad once that the college had to turn on fans for a few hours to ventilate the stench. Once the corpse flower blooms it is beautiful with its magenta petals almost resembling a skirt around its tall stalk. This flower usually takes about 10 years to first bloom but ounce it does it will regularly bloom every three to five years. The flower’s bloom usually occurs in the evening so right now the college administration building will remain open until 6 pm. Once the flower blooms it will allow visitors to stay until 10 pm. Visitors are also encouraged to make a small $3 donation to help support the horticulture department of Orange Coast College so they can continue events such as this one. Go by and check out this incredible sight.


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