Scott Rocklage is a Genious Healthcare Professional

Scott Rocklage attended MIT College and as a result, he made it in chemistry. He is a successful individual in the business industry. He is doing great at the company’s foundation due to his skills in chemistry. He also has excellent relational skills. Presently, Scott works as a managing partner at 5 AM Ventures. He is grateful to MIT because the institution has greatly contributed to his success alongside his wife who has been there for him throughout since the beginning of his career.


After a while, Scott Rocklage made a huge name at 5 AM Ventures due to his involvement. He has excellent knowledge in healthcare as well as chemistry. These skills have made Scott a well-known person in the corporate world. Other than that, he also has skills in management that he has been exploring for the last thirty years.

His contribution to the organization has helped the company advance the development as well as the approval of different medicines like Cubicin, Omniscan, and Teslascan. This is a very great success thus showing how hardworking Scott Rocklage is and indicating he never ceases to achieve success.


He had great experience in other companies by exploring his management skills as well as developing pharmaceuticals that way he was able to take this enormous experience to take 5AM Ventures to greater heights. He was the president and Chief Executive Officer of a company known as Nycomed Salutat and before that he served as the CEO of Cubist Pharmaceuticals.


When he was at Salutat he was in charge of drug development and research fields. Furthermore, he is a board member of companies like Pulmatrix and Epirus. The knowledge he had from Massachusetts Institute of Technology has made him the man he is today, his career is a great accomplishment. Learn more:


Rocklage has been identified by famous companies due to his professionalism in healthcare. He puts all effort in what he does thus making him prosperous. Scott Rocklage has made a big difference in the medical industry. He is known to be an active administrator who never ceases to work hard thus achieving his goals.