The Illustrious Career Of Surgeon Dr. Saad Saad

There are not many doctors let alone many people in the world who can say that they have worked for royalty. Even so Dr. SaadSaad of New Jersey is one of those people. Being able to work for a family that is of royal lineage is a dream that many people have but likely may not be able to achieve. Dr. SaadSaadhowever is one of the few people who can say that he has actually reached this milestone in his career.

SaadSaad is a pediatric surgeon who is originally from Palestine. He was educated at the Cairo University School of Medicine and he has worked as a surgeon for more than four decades. Nearly 30 years ago Dr. SaadSaad was chosen by the royal family of the Middle Eastern country of Saudi Arabia to serve as their private doctor and provide medical services to citizens who needed them. Dr. SaadSaad was entrusted specifically with overseeing the health of the children of the Saudi Arabian royal family. It goes without saying that a king likely would not just appoint anyone to be responsible for ensuring that his heirs were healthy. The sort of medical professional who is entrusted with that large responsibility is no doubt one that would have proven that they are exemplary at what they do. SaadSaad was selected to be a pediatric surgeon in service of the Royal Family of Saudi Arabia which meant that the monarchs of that country trusted him to perform very invasive procedures on their children.

The responsibilities that Dr. SaadSaad was given as a pediatric surgeon to the children of the royal Saudi Arabian family was a very important one that he carried out with diligence and excellence. One of the reasons that Dr. SaadSaad was selected for this position was due to a professional accolade that he achieved upon relocating to the United States. SaadSaad had earned his certification from the American Board of Surgery. According to a report the fact that Dr. SaadSaad was the only pediatric surgeon in the country who could speak both English and Arabic and was board certified at the time drew the attention of the Saudi Arabian royal family as they searched for a health specialist to care for their children.

After serving as the pediatric surgeon for the Saudi Arabian royal family Dr. SaadSaad would go on to return to the United States and develop medical innovations that would improve the health of children having surgical procedures. Dr. SaadSaad settled in the state of New Jersey where he practiced medicine for many years before making the decision to retire from the profession. Undoubtedly after working in medicine for 47 years Dr. SaadSaad has left his mark on the profession in a way that few other medical professionals have. Learn more:

Glen Wakeman – A Successful Entrepreneur

Mr. Glen Wakeman is the current Chief Executive Officer of Launched Holdings LLC, a company that he founded in 2015. The company develops software for start-up entrepreneurs. Mr. Glen attended the University of Scranton, from where he received his Bachelor Degree in Finance and Economics. He is also an alumnus of Chicago University, from where he earned his MBA in Finance. After completing his studies, Mr. Glen Wakeman started his career at GE Capital, from where he held many business development positions.

Apart from being a successful career man, Mr. Glen Wakeman is a mentor and serious entrepreneur. Glen Wakeman has revolutionized the world of business. Currently, Glen Wakeman’s business organizations have more than 17000 staff members and assets worth over $15 billion. Mr. Glen has continued to use his skills to create opportunities for successful business development. Most of his works include guidance on new market entry, M&As, exponential growth, diversities, and start-ups. As a successful entrepreneur, Wakeman has proven a new methodology involving five key performance areas. These areas include risk management, human capital, leadership, governance, and execution.

By being a writer and investor, Glen Wakeman likes to share his insight about business through blog posts. Most of his written works are about emerging markets, strategy, administration, global affairs, business transformation, management, and international fiscal matters. Also, C-level executives consider him as a mentor. They believe in his advice on business development, financial strategies, and capital raising.

As a business man, Mr. Glen Wakeman is passionate about innovation, executive development, and growth. Since he founded Launched Holdings, Glen has been pouring innovative ideas into his business. Furthermore, Glen has stayed in six different countries. In that case, he has been in charge of business operations in more than 30 regions across the world. This made him gained numerous international recognitions throughout his career life.

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Sawyer Howitt-Dedicated to Success in Business and Racquetball

     Sawyer Howitt has begun to emerge as a front runner for the Olympic Men’s Racquetball Team. As a professional athlete and business executive, he uses his determination and experience to offer this advice to any upcoming or future racquetball players.

If you want to be a professional player like Sawyer Howitt, you need to determine if being a professional racquetball player is your ultimate goal, dedicate yourself to a plan for advancement in the sport, and find not only a coach, but search for a excellent coach who is the right match for you. Get in shape by performing a daily practice and workout routine, and find a wonderful sponsor to offset the cost associated with becoming the best. If being a professional athlete is your ultimate goal you need to view it as a job, and your job is to become the best in the sport.

Sawyer Howitt is a professional racquetball player who currently plays for the Racquetball Club of Portland Oregon and will attend Columbia University to obtain a degree in Entrepreneurship and Finance. He is a graduate of Lincoln High School in Portland Oregon, and is currently a Project Manager with his father’s company, The Meriwether Group. His drive and intelligence led him to obtain this position before ever graduating high school. With his success in both racquetball and finance, it is no surprise that he will succeed as becoming one of the best professional Racquetball players of all time. Sawyer Howitt has already begun to emerge as a front runner for the Olympic Men’s Racquetball Team.